10 dreams about being pregnant

dreams about being pregnant

When we think about dreams, we usually think about work and our job. However, many people dream also of other things and it is helpful to consider them too apart from your office problems. Here are 10 dreams about being pregnant which could mean several things!

Dreaming that you are pregnant means:

You want a baby:

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Dreams often symbolize one’s inner state and what this state feels like. When you dream of being pregnant it means that deep inside yourself you wish to have a child (possibly right now). If so, this desire has nothing to do with what is really happening in your life but rather with what is going on in your unconscious mind. This might be also due to family or friends who have children or got married recently.

You are happily expecting a baby:

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If you dream of being pregnant with joy, happiness, and light waiting for the arrival of your child, this reflects your hope to have a perfect relationship in which you would be surrounded by love and care. Also in this case, your unconscious is expressing your desire to have a child soon or even now. However, there is also another aspect that you might not realize yet. It reflects that right now it is time for you to give birth to yourself as an individual too! Reflect on what it means “to give birth”.

You want somebody else’s baby:

This means that deep down inside you want somebody next to you by any means (you may think of several reasons for this). However, you are afraid that would not be possible due to your past failures.

Your husband wants a baby:

You may feel that it is time to have children with him or you worry that he might think of leaving if you don’t.

You are pregnant but you don’t want the baby:

Most likely, right now there are some things in your life which are very important for you and they cannot be replaced by anything else! This dream shows that deep inside yourself, even though unconsciously so far, there is some reluctance towards having a child at this particular moment.

You have just found out about being pregnant:

As mentioned above dreams also represent your inner state and what is going on in it. If you dream of this, it means that something in your life right now is very important for you! It may be pleasant or unpleasant but if the baby is born it will definitely bring some changes into your life.

You want somebody to get pregnant:

This may represent your desire for somebody else to experience pregnancy and childbirth. However, most likely there is no wish at all to have a child just like that (you need some time to think about it).

You are pregnant and you don’t want anybody around:

Your unconscious does not want anybody next to you at the moment because you might regret it later due to their behavior towards you e.g. pitying too much etc…

Somebody in your life is pregnant:

It may be positive or negative depending on who this somebody is. However, it reflects the fact that at the moment there are changes happening in your life! Maybe they are very important ones for you too, even though you might not realize it yet…


These are only a few explanations for this dream. There might be others but the main idea is that “to dream of being pregnant” reflects your wish to have a child in one way or another. It might happen soon, it might need some time for you to realize what’s going on in your life and how it could impact having a baby too…

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