Check Out These Pregnant Belly Stages With Different Symptoms

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Pregnancy is a period of happiness. When a woman feels that a baby is growing inside her, it is the happiest moment for her. During pregnancy, the belly of the would-be mother grows differently at every stage. In the beginning, it looks like a little baby bump. At the final stage, it looks like a basketball. The size of your belly depends on the size of your upcoming baby. As the baby grows, your belly becomes bigger. In this article, we will show you how to check pregnant belly stages with different symptoms. 

1.First Trimester 

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The period between the first week and twelfth week of your pregnancy is called the First Trimester when you may not have significant changes in the size or shape of your belly. But you can feel that you are pregnant. At this stage, your belly will not stretch out, but you must begin to use stretch marks creams from this stage. You should also start hydrating your skin to avoid having stretch marks. It is one of the important pregnant belly stages when your belly looks like a little rounder. 

2.Second Trimester

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The second Trimester is one of the most significant pregnant belly stages for a would-be mother. From the twelfth week to the twenty-seventh week of your pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy, you will feel comfortable as the symptoms you were having in First Trimester will start to disappear. This time your belly will become bigger as the size of your uterus will be increasing. At this stage, you may feel some pain in the lower abdomen which is known as round ligament pain. This is because the baby starts to move inside your womb. 

3.Third Trimester 

This period is between the twenty-eighth to a fortieth week of your pregnancy. This is another important stage of pregnancy belly stages when your belly is growing bigger. You will gain weight and the belly skin will be stretched to the limit. There are several factors behind the increasing size of your belly at this stage. So you have to maintain a proper healthy weight. 

4.Regular Check-Ups

During pregnancy, you should not ignore regular check-ups. It is very important for you to consult with your doctor at different pregnant belly stages. At every stage of your pregnancy, you will find certain changes in your weight and the size of your uterus. Your doctor will guide you to be healthy and compatible with every stage. 

5.Having Skin Problems

The commonest symptoms of pregnancy belly stages are belly itch and skin stretches. You will have a belly itch during your Second Trimester. Because at this stage, the skin of your pregnant belly starts stretching rapidly and cause itching. So you should not leave your skin without moisturizing it. 

Bottom Lines 

We hope our article will help you in checking out the pregnancy belly stages with different symptoms. So if you are a would-be mother, you should start checking your stages from now.

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