Molly Fish Stages - What to Look For When Considering Buying a Molly Fish -

Molly Fish Stages – What to Look For When Considering Buying a Molly Fish

molly pregnancy stages

If you are expecting a child and Molly Pregnancy Stages is one of your favorite books, then you might be wondering how to prepare for the coming of your baby. In this article, I am going to give you a few pointers on what to do. We all know that the male fish in the genus Clibanarius is known for its sperm production and speed. 

What Is Molly Pregnancy Stages?


When you go into the hospital or private practice to get ready for your child, you usually stay in a holding tank. Molly Pregnancy Stages and the other books that discuss the birthing process normally advise female-holders to stay in a holding tank for twenty-four hours before giving birth. However, I have personally never encountered molly fish species in holding tanks.

Adequate Space Is Required


If you intend to raise the fry (baby fish) in a separate tank, it is essential to note that they need a lot of space to grow properly. Keep in mind that Molly fry (known as maternity molly in Japan and Australia) can grow to five inches in length. So, if your tank is only two feet long, you should have at least three feet of space. This should allow the baby Molly fry to swim freely inside the tank.

It is important to note that despite the general belief that fry tends to die after four to five days of pregnancy, this is not true. When I was preparing for my first child, I made a mistake and waited for a month before transferring him into his little tank. He survived, but just barely. Since I failed to mention this to my husband, we ended up having another pregnancy without a Molly fry.

Understand About The Different Fish Species

Knowing which fish species you prefer is also crucial. Cichlids, goldfish, and rosy reds are good choices for beginners since they do not eat much and will easily accept tiny toys. They will also accept flaked foods such as peas. However, angelfish, barbs, and mackerel are better choices for bigger tanks.

How Female Molldies Give Birth?

Most female mollies tend to give birth during the warmer months. You can keep your fish in a closed tank during the summer months if you do not want them to get stressed out. Do not put your pregnant mollies in a tank with other fish species, or you might end up with stressed fish. It is best to feed your fish during this time so that large food portions will not stress them out.

Once the mother Molly fish is weaned, she will have plenty to eat. When the baby fish grows, they will need less food, so they will not be hungry. During the later stages of pregnancy, you might see the fish hanging on to the undersides of the tanks. If so, this is very healthy because they are giving their lives for your enjoyment. Molly Pregnancy Stages can sometimes progress too quickly, so it is essential to keep an eye on things and feed your fish accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Other characteristics to look out for include a floating belly, aggressive behavior, o and the appearance of black and silver bands around the pelvic area. A healthy female Molly fish will have black and silver bands encircling the pelvic area. If a female Molly fish is swimming upstream but facing down, this is another indication that she is pregnant. Some baby mollies will even go into a semi-erect posture. These are signs that the mother is weaning her young.

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