Overview of Pregnancy trimesters

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Trimester is a significant part of pregnancy and understanding them can help you better manage your health throughout the duration. Knowing what is going on with your body during each one will make you feel more comfortable as well as give insight into how best to care for yourself. 

These are divided into three different phases, which include the first, second, and third. Each phase has its own set of symptoms that come along with it so knowing what they all are will be helpful when understanding why certain things may happen to you or not happen at all. Understanding these changes can also aid in recognizing potential complications that may occur during pregnancy too! .

This post will go over everything about pregnancy trimester including first, second, and third symptoms, length, routine prenatal visits, and complications that occur during each phase..

First trimester

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First is considered to be the first 13 weeks of pregnancy; starting at the very beginning when the egg has been fertilized until week 14 when most women find out they are pregnant! During this time, your baby starts to form organs and tissues; the first is a big one as it makes up for over half of your entire pregnancy! The first can be one of hectic feelings, especially since you may not have yet found out that you’re pregnant. This will focus on what all goes on during this important phase in development where many changes occur for both you and your baby.

Second trimester

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The second occurs between week 14 to week 27, which means that it can take up to five months for this to be complete! This happens after the first has been completed and will last until you are 29 weeks pregnant. During this many changes occur that are more obvious to others around you, especially if they see you on a regular basis. This can be growth as your baby is continuing to grow out of their first and making even more progress with formation!

Third trimester

The third starts at week 28 all the way up until birth, which will take about 266 days to complete. Of course, everyone’s due date is different, but this will last until you are 39 weeks pregnant! The third trumps over both 1 and 2 in length making it a great significance within pregnancy. This consists of the final stages of baby development before it is born and will bring a lot of changes to you health-wise. This is a delivery which means that even up until the very day you give birth you will feel symptoms going on dangerously close!


The three trimesters of pregnancy each have their own set of symptoms and can make a big difference in how you feel. Knowing what to expect is the best way to manage your health throughout this time, so be sure to take care of yourself as well as possible during these phases. What are some things that happen during the first, second, or third ? Share with us below!

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