Pregnancy Craving For Food And Aversion To Certain Smells And Tastes.

Pregnancy Craving for food and aversion to certain smells and tastes

What do we think about when we hear about the taste quirks of pregnant women? Perhaps about pickles with ice cream by the refrigerator late at night. This is what is known as pregnancy craving. Maybe this is just your story, or you have completely different taste preferences – as unique as any expectant mother. Maybe now you are disgusted by the smell or taste that you liked just a few months ago. And perhaps you did not have any unusual addictions.

Pregnancy Craving for food and aversion to certain smells and tastes
Pregnancy Craving For Food And Aversion To Certain Smells And Tastes.

Usually, changes in tastes and a sharp craving for certain foods are not a cause for concern, and you can treat yourself to chocolate or ice cream in moderation if you want them. However, if your pregnancy craving directs you to some inedible things, such as clay or chalk, you should tell your doctor about it. Stay tuned – you will learn a lot about these most interesting symptoms of pregnancy.

Why Do You Want To Eat in a Special Way During Pregnancy?

Experts have no consensus on what causes an irresistible craving for certain foods during pregnancy. Maybe this is how your body lets you know that it lacks some nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, or iron. Also, the cause may be an increased need for intense tastes during pregnancy or in additional calories for a baby’s nutrition. Gustatory tastes in the early term in the first trimester can also be due to the production of a large number of pregnancy hormones. It is also possible that you are a little busy, tired, or upset, so you want your favorite dishes.

How Does Pregnancy Craving Appear During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the taste and smell (and sometimes both at the same time) of certain products can dramatically become disgusting, although previously you even liked it. Often this happens with coffee and fish. There are several different theories about what causes these antipathies during pregnancy craving, but there may be a simple explanation – an increase in sensitivity to certain smells and tastes due to changes in hormonal levels. Aversion to certain odors can be one of the causes of the morning sickness.

When Does The Period Of Taste Preferences And Taste Aversion Begin And End?

A change in taste preferences may serve as one of the early signs of pregnancy in the first trimester, along with other manifestations of hormonal changes in the body. In many women, the manifestations of taste preferences in the second semester weaken, and after childbirth, they are finally a thing of the past. There are women who generally do not experience an unusual pregnancy craving for certain foods and taste aversion during pregnancy.

Common Taste Preferences During Pregnancy Craving.

Surely you have heard many jokes about the strange quirks of pregnant women. Even if you don’t sprinkle sugar on the steak, you may have other desires to eat something unusual, especially at night. Each mother has her own story, but there are also frequently encountered taste preferences as a result of pregnancy craving:

Pregnancy Craving For Food And Aversion To Certain Smells And Tastes.
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Bacon, bacon
  • Certain fruits
  • Chili or spicy foods
  • Pickled or Pickled Cucumbers
  • Lemons

What To Do if You Want To Eat Something Specific During Pregnancy Craving.

If you are overwhelmed by an unbridled desire to eat something specific and this product or dish is relatively harmless – go ahead, eat it (in reasonable quantities). In other words, if you don’t need anything in life except chocolate, take and eat a piece of chocolate! It happens that you do not want anything specific, but the very idea of eating something else makes you disgusted. You can’t even get closer to other food – you are literally sick of it.

Normal Additions During Pregnancy.

Addictions and aversion are absolutely normal during pregnancy, even if they are different for different mothers. Someone dreams of something cold and crunchy, and someone combines completely incompatible products. People say that when you are sucked for sweets, a girl will be born, and when for salty things, wait for the boy. Of course, from a scientific point of view, this does not hold water. In fact, no one knows for sure what causes a desire in pregnant women to eat salty, and what is sweet.

Addictions Worth Telling a Doctor About!

Sometimes women want to eat something that is unsuitable for eating, such as clay, laundry detergent, dirt, ash, peeling paint, or ice. This is called racism, or perverse appetite. Thus, a deficiency of any nutrient may occur. If you have a desire to eat something inedible, tell your doctor. Do not follow these desires so as not to harm yourself and your child.

Remember that pampering yourself with a piece of your favorite food from time to time is normal, unless, of course, you eat a balanced diet and include foods that are mandatory for a pregnant woman in your diet.

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